All-Classes Apps


In short words All-Classes Apps is a breakthrough idea you can not find anywhere else

What is All-Classes Apps is all about

All Classes is a new concept for online communities, All Classes is the umbrella of our community Apps that serve postgraduates communities or any other closed community. The App is a great tool that empower any community

Meet Your Old School Friends

Meet Your Old School Friends

Raise Your Community

Colloprated Community

Awesome Features


In this section members can enjoy many of our deals and discounts from our 3rd party partners


In this section members can add an event like gathering, birthday parties, …etc, and find all the previous events archived with pictures.


This section provides information about the charity organization where the group member can contact and participate with them directly in their charity services.

Members directory

This section is a database for all members of the community, which you can search by Name, location, Job, year of graduation, ... etc


In Jobs section, members can locate and post Jobs within the community.

Buy And Sell

This section is like a store where you can find many products offered by other members also you can post a new product for other members to buy, all within the same community.

Facebook group

This is a link to the community Facebook group, where you can browse the community group from within the App directly.

Medical Inssurance

This section is a 3rd party deal that offers a discounted Medical Insurance membership for all community members.


In this section member can do shopping from online shopping stores directly from within the App


This section is the member’s window to the sports world, wither they want to meet new people to play with, or finding and reserving courts to play in, or finding a coach/trainer to learn a sport.

Chat Rooms

Where members can share their hobbies in different topics, and chat together to enhance their knowledge and benefit each other in their area of interest

All Classes Apps contain other features like:

  • Messaging
  • Rewarding System
  • Admins control panel
  • Statistics and reporting system

The App can be customized for any closed community to raise collaboration and to give variety of benefits to the community members.

All-Classes Apps

HLS - App

NLS - App

ESC - App

Some - App







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